About Joshua….


Educational Background


National Graduate School of Engineering, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Post-Graduate Studies: MS in Civil Engineering (Structural)


College of Engineering, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Degree Took: BS Civil Engineering (GWA: 2.3)
May 1-2, 2016 Civil Engineering Board Exam Passer (Grade: 79.3%)
Status: Graduated last January 11, 2016


College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Degree Took: BA Political Science
Status: Shifted to BS Civil Engineering on April 2011


Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite
Valedictorian of Batch 2010
Philippine Senate Gold Medal Awardee
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – Academic Excellence and Leadership Award

2010 Batch Valedictorian


Las Piñas East National High School
Top 2 – Section 1
Vice President – Yes-O school chapter


Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite


Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite  (Elementary)
Valedictorian – Batch 2006

2006 Batch Valedictorian


Infant Jesus Montessori Center  (Elementary)

Relevant Course Work


Estimating Typhoon Haiyan’s Wind Speeds Using Windicators (Undergraduate Thesis)
The study estimated Typhoon Haiyan’s maximum sustained wind speeds through forensic structural analysis on Windicators, or simple structures of interest whose analysis of failure will lead to the computation of the magnitude, direction and time of the winds induced on the structure.

Presented on:

  • Final Presentations, Undergraduate Research Project, UP Institute of Civil Engineering, June 1, 2015
  • Undergraduate Project Competition, UP College of Engineering, June 6-11, 2015
  • 2015 Asia-Pacific Rim Universities Multi-hazard Symposium, October 10, 2015

Asia Pacific Rim Universities Research Symposium


Estimating Typhoon Haiyan’s Wind Speeds Using Windicators and Post-Storm Wind Vulnerability Analysis on the Affected Areas

Presented on: Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) 2016 Manila Conference, July 13-15, 2016

  • Won “Best Paper” Award



Failure Modes and Simulation of Monopoles subjected to Severe Wind Loading (As Thesis Adviser)


Estimating the wind speeds of Typhoon Haiyan using Windicators and Aerodynamic Modification of Gable Roof for Low-Rise Building to Reduce Wind Demand

Presented on: 8th International Colloquium on Bluff Body Aerodynamics and Applications on Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA at June 7-11, 2016.



Developing the Updated Wind Vulnerability and Design Wind Speed Maps for the Philippine Archipelago. (another ongoing voluntary research)

PAGASA – Guiuan Synoptic Station


Estimating the Wind Speeds of Typhoon Haima (Lawin) Using Windicators (as research advisor)


International Approaches to Tornado Damage and Intensity Classification (Contributed with tornado data)



Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers Student Chapter
MemberParticipated in inter-school competitions as representative of the Institute of Civil Engineering


UP Pool Club
Founding President- Devised and participated in activities that aim to promote the sport within the campus.

2015 Rosacena Memorial Cup


UP Duckpin Bowlers Club
Tournament Director- Devised tournaments for the organization. Also one of the representatives of the organization in the National Tournaments on Duckpin Bowling
That is me on the left.

2014 National Youth Championships

President – Youth Division

UPDBC – Youth Banner


UP Student’s Circle of Duckpin Bowlers
Founding Member- Led the foundation of the student organization that aimed to promote the sport of duckpin bowling.

Other Data


Capable of using programming tools such as C, C++, Mat Lab, and HTML.
Utilized a variety of software such as MS Office, Autocad, Google SketchUp, EPANET, Quantum GIS, ANSYS and MASTAN.

Awards Received

Best Paper – Sustainable Built Environment 2016 Manila Conference – 2016
Champion – Are You Smarter Than A Geog Major? Geography Quiz Bee – 2015
Best in Research Implementation Structural Engineering Group – Institute of Civil Engineering – 2015
ChampionRoger Kabigting Cup – Doubles – 2015
1st Runner-up – UPDBC Monthly Tournament – 2014
Champion – UPDBC Summer Inter-color Tournament – 2014
1st Runner-up – UPDBC Midyear Inter-color Tournament – 2014
Semi-finalist – 2014 PHIDBC National Youth Championships – 2014
3rd Runner-up – UPDBC Inter-unit Bowling Tournament – C – 2013
Champion  –  UP Pool Championship – 2013, 2014
Champion –  UP Sem-ender Pool Tournament – 2012, 2014
1st Runner-up – UP Sem-ender Pool Tournament – 2013
Champion – Science Quiz Bee – School Division – 2010
Champion –  World History Quiz Bee – School Division – 2009
Champion – Chess Competition – School Division – 2009
Champion – Philippine History Quiz Bee – School Division – LPENHS – 2007
Champion – Science Quiz Bee – School Division – 2007
Champion Philippine History Quiz Bee – School Division – IJCC – 2007
Champion – TLE Quiz Bee – Las Piñas City Division – 2007
Champion – Philippine History Quiz Bee – School Division – 2006



  • Eminencio Magnifico
  • Cuentos de la Muerte
  • Society
  • My Ideal Constitution
  • Impresiones of Antonio Luna in Filipino


  • Indolence of the Filipinos in the 21st Century (Eminencio Magnifico)
  • Nationalism – Agitator
  • Why is the Issue of Charter Change Still Alive in the Philippines? (Pol Sci 11)
  • The Capsule and The Trade of Rights (Soc Sci 2)
  • Filipino Politics (Pol Sci 14)
  • Wika Sa Pagdaan Ni Bagyong Yolanda (Fil 40)
  • Pagkatapos ng bagyo (CE 199 Report)
  • Keeping Things In Order (Eminencio Magnifico)
  • Filipino Citizen (Eminencio Magnifico)
  • The Church and The State (Eminencio Magnifico)
  • Bayaning 3rd World : Rizal’s Retraction Controversy (PI 100)
  • Pagturing Sa Mga Bakla Sa Awitin Ni Michael V. (Pan Pil 19)


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A sad monologue. That might be a fitting description to represent the author of this blog, who has just woken up from recurring nightmares of death which were reflections from the sea troubles that he couldn’t avert his eyes from — a moral consequence of the knowledge that he accumulated since the days that he was a child prodigy when he was immersed with books of knowledge — and he had to take on as his mission into achieving the nobility of the mind — a quest that takes emotional toll on others and on himself as he had beeb gradually sacrificing the remainder of his understanding of human emotions in order to operate on logic and reason alone so that he can further his search on thought.

People say that ignorance is bliss for it spares them from the burden of moral responsibility that was associated with the knowledge that broke the barrier of personal realm of prejudices, preconceived notions, and vanity, revealing the sad realities of life riddled with poverty, inequity, and injustice, which led the author into joining the arduous patriotic apostolate of envisioning a better life, not only for himself, but for the people that he thinks that needed him, which entails participation in the advancement on the frontier of knowledge through research, especially at his specialization in engineering where he is already a licensed civil engineer, service as the vanguard against attempts on distortion and misleading conformism, and education of succeeding generations.

That resolution of his takes roots from aristocrats like George Mallory, who believes that the struggle to reach higher realms is mankind’s lifetime mission — where there is no other way but up and forward — and T. H. Pardo de Tavera who believes in responsible elitism where honest and unrelenting servitude to the masses is the natural consequence of the elevation to the elite. That resolution develops into a noblesse oblige — an obligation in order to find his value.

That background of his takes roots on his childhood days, where his maternal grandfather used to tour him around the vast lands bordering Magalang, Pampanga and Concepcion, Tarlac owned by his clan who were one of the founding families of Murcia (now Concepcion). He was the firstborn grandson of his maternal grandfather who also belongs to a huge political clan that produced vice governors, municipal mayors barangay captains, and city councilors.

He was pampered immensely at the early days of his youth. However, that status of his was counter-balanced with a burden of responsibility. He was once pressured to take up law, but he turned down that pressure as he decided to become an engineer instead.

He inherited his vast skill set and expertise on the arts and the sports from his paternal grandfather, who was an army veteran and one of the top clerks serving the hacienderos in Negros Occidental and whose prowess on billiards, board games, and linguistics were well-known even to the hacienderos themselves.

His parents, meanwhile, to remedy the shortage of bonding time due to work, had him immersed on tons of books, from volumes of almanacs and encyclopedias, full-blown editions of big dictionaries like Webster, up to portfolios of news clippings throughout the 20th century. That culminated into him becoming a child prodigy. However, such status solicited envy and he was treated as a social outcast. He tried relinquishing that status in order to fit into relating with the people of his age, joining them in activities like fishing, farming, hiking, gaming. He was encouraged again in academics by his school principal when she discovered his genius intellect. That culminated into him getting into the top university of the archipelago, the University of the Philippines – Diliman by passing the UPCAT even without reviewing, a habit which he extended up to his board exams.

During his days in the university, he founded organizations, taught people on the sport that he promoted, and conducted award-winning researches.

For inquiries and questions(on which I will answer)

Contact Details:
Email: jcagar@up.edu.ph (Response time: 1 day to 1 week)
Cellphone No: 09228154622 (Php10 per call)
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/joshuacagar/

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