4 comments on “Fireworks – Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? (打上花火 / Uchiage Hanabi) – Movie Review

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  2. Hey, I would like to thank you for the much more in-depth review than most did on this movie.

    Tbh, I just say it, and I was trying to figure out more about the ending, that’s what lead me here.

    I found answers to most of my questions here (like why did she didnt tell to Normichi what she said to Yusuke), but still have one lone question mark in my head, which is about the start of the movie. There the two protagonists float in the water, much like how they do in the ending scene, with Norimichi wishing him grabbing the hands of Nazuna. Only that they are in their school swimsuits, and a bright light starts expanding

    And… this is what I dont understand. Was it a referring to the ending that got expanded in the next 1hour 25minutes (like an in medias res start)? Was it the start of everything, with the two (or at least Norimichi) somehow getting in a situation where he/they drowned (most likely during the swimming contest hence the swimming suits)? Was the whole movie just stemming from this one last wish before his death, and the regrets he had before his imminent death – hence the bright flash in the darkness? (The latter could explain the missing Norimichi at the epilogue in a much more darker context.)

    I don’t know, this one part just got me thinking.

    Anyways, thanks again. 🙂


    • “Tbh, I’ve just seen it” fixed the 2nd line typo, sry, it’s late, so concentrating is not as smooth as one would like. 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for your response and appreciation. I’ve watched this movie only once, three days before writing this review, so my memories of the movie were bit hazy.

    I’ve only written what I was sure of the movie, though I have an answer to the scene that bothered you.

    Nazuna’s father was the one drowning in the beginning of the movie. The orb was in his possession first (which he possibly used to win over Nazuna’s mother despite being married). He thinks of Nazuna, his daughter, as he drowns while looking on the orb which was already out of his reach. That is why there is a transition to the scene of Nazuna standing over the jetty. The orb somehow made it to her.

    Constant and random shifts between Nazuna at the jetty, Norimichi swimming, and Nazuna floating would definitely confuse the audience into assuming that it was one of the main casts drowning.


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