4 comments on “Katō Megumi (加藤 恵) – The Saenai (冴えない) Heroine We Need

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  2. Blogger that writes a great review like this should deserve more attention, seriously!
    I always feel glad when see someone love Katou Megumi so much.

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    • Thank you very much for such an uplifting response. If you have any good anime with good storywriting and compelling characters, feel free to suggest them (I have Utaha’s preference for good content). I’ll pick them on. My next anime to look at currently at the moment is 恋と嘘 (Love and Lies).


      • Wow, i just started reading the summaries of the volumes over at /r/Saekano, and this article focusing on Katou megumi just skipped my beat over again. And now on know why she is considered such a manipulator and as me being a passive aggressor, i saw what wrath Megumi was bringing damn but still i don’t know why i love a so much. I just cant get my head around her.

        And gotta say koi to uso wow its progressing such fantastically .

        and as for suggestions Bokura wa minna Kawaisou(Manga), you must have read sakuraso, oregairu they were top selling hot cakes.

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