6 comments on “Anime Heroines – Top 10

  1. the 8th & 10th draw my attention (especially 8th). Count me in Onee-san yacht!!

    If Haruno is your favorite, I must invite you to read my posts about her. The ultra rare character appears in front of us, so I hope my posts will satisfied you. Good luck. ^ ^

    ps. My posts are TL. please read when you’re not busy.


      • You should not worry about that. Your posts were already providing extensive analysis of the events behinds Hachiman’s perspective in Oregairu. That is why I don’t talk much about it before we pretty much have the same opinion. I’ll be posting an overall review after he series will lamentably wrap up. What I post (relatively to Oregairu) recently were Hachiman’s refreshing and palatable nihilist notions, which were eeringly true and applied to our society (Philippines) as of today with the double standards and hypocrisy running rampant here.

        I’m looking forward for your analysis…especially with your ongoing take on what’s going on Hayama’s mind…which to me was already pretty conceivable when you already laid down the framework on Haruno (from Volume 7)…which pretty much solved the puzzle behind the cryptic conversations on Volume 3 and 4.

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